Maintance and repair

Your pool is the first impression people get when visiting your garden, and surely its design and appearance completes the vision of an ideal place. Therefore, the technical condition of your pool is of great importance. Each pool may occasionally suffer minor or extensive damage caused by physical force and improper pool care. Everyday wear and tear will also affect the pool, reducing the intensity of its colour and gloss.

Being aware of those problems and trying to meet your expectations, we can offer thorough renovation of the pools and professional repairs without interfering with the pool structure. On the contrary, our repair may surprisingly strengthen the areas damaged!

Our portfolio includes many successful repairs of apparently hopeless cases. We can bring your pool back to its old glory and prolong its use. Moreover, if you run into trouble with your pool in 3D optics, we can effectively deal with it, even though it requires exceptional skills and precision.

Think about osmosis, which is the black scenario for each pool owner. It starts when the pool water penetrates into the gel coat and the condensation of some of the water vapour causes the composite material to deteriorate, giving rise to osmosis spots commonly known as ‘blisters’ or ‘bumps’. However, it does not mean that your pool is going to suffer irreparable harm. Depending on how extensive the osmosis damage is, we are able to help you with pool resurfacing and prolonging the life of your pool.

Our company may also provide you with maintenance services and general polyester pool care, including out-of-warranty service. So, if you are looking for a reliable and experienced team to care for your pool, why not choose our company. We are real professionals in this field because we are the pool manufacturer and we know the pools inside out. We can advise you on proper pool use, provide you with regular pool care and maintenance, and even open and close your pool as the seasons change.
With all these tasks being done, you will surely enjoy your pool for years to come. Don’t worry if you haven’t bought your pool from our company, you are more than welcome. If you have any problems with your pool, contact our Technical Department and ask for help.

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and we will help even in the most hopeless case!

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