The highest quality

at the best price

Grand Pool is a recognized manufacturer of pools and only offers products of the highest quality.

Our company manufactures fiberglass pools commonly known as ready-made ones. If you want to know how much we stand out from the rest of the pool manufacturers, take a close look at our values that provide us with firm guidance on rendering our services.

Bearing that in mind, we have developed our own DIAMOND HARD technology that improves the physical properties of our products not only at the construction stage but also at the final stage of adding the finishing touches to our products, which finally gain vivid and saturated colours as well as smooth and shiny surfaces.

All-inclusive service – Each of our pool buyers can pick and choose from a whole range of our comprehensive services. We can transport your pool straight to your chosen destination even if it is in a remote corner of Europe. Our experienced drivers are always ready to offer help and advice during unloading. We may also help you with pool installation as we co-operate with a dedicated team of skilled craftsmen who install pool basins and pool enclosures all over Europe. If you want us to install the pool for you, just express your wish and we will include it in your individual price offer and take care of the rest.

Quality – The basis of our business. When other manufacturers charge an additional price for extended durability of the pool, we have turned its high endurance into the usual standard. In creating our pools, we take advantage of our DIAMOND HARD technology that has been developed by us thanks to years of experience, mutual co-operation of our technicians and our deep knowledge of all aspects of manufacturing of polyester pools. As this state-of-the-art technology is used in each of our pools, we achieve superior quality in the market. Each of our products that finds its way into the hands of our customers is the showpiece of our business. The quality of our pools cannot be questioned as it is always maintained at its highest level.

Our services and care – Our services include sales and after-sales support for the customer. Buying a pool is just a beginning. You will be faced with far more essential tasks later, such as basic upkeep and periodical maintenance of your pool, closing your pool and caring for it during the off-season, and getting your pool ready when the pool season returns. Take a break and entrust our team with all the tasks – your investment will be in good hands. Our co-operation does not have to end the moment the pool warranty period expires. We will provide assistance if you are in trouble with your pool at a later time as well.

Fairness – This value is also the motto for our brand. The secret of our successful order fulfilment lies in our attention to detail and reliability. We have never called ourselves the biggest manufacturer or a sales market tycoon. Our experience shows that quantity nearly always makes quality suffer. We want to be GRAND especially when it comes to quality. Therefore, we manufacture only as many pools as it is possible without impairing their highest quality. We have introduced strict quality controls on each of our pools at each stage of their manufacturing. Our final product has to be an ideal one. It is only possible if we look at each product separately and individually, and thus avoid mass production. We are not able to offer you the lowest market price but you should know that the price shows the real costs of pool manufacturing and testifies to the quality of all prefabricated units, which are indispensable to complete the creation of a perfect pool. Choosing materials offered by highly valued and certified producers directly contributes to long and effective use of the pool. Such solution will not only be a perfect opportunity for you but it will also save your time and money in future.