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Safety, comfort and protection are the greatest benefits of having a pool enclosure for an outdoor pool, but these are not the only ones!

A pool enclosure makes the pool instantly even more appealing and gives you the ultimate luxury of enjoying home SPA in your own garden. Another advantage of pool enclosures, which frequently goes unnoticed, is that, in fact, they save time and money. An enclosed pool is given better protection against atmospheric conditions, e.g. excessive UV radiation in summer and frost in winter. By safeguarding your pool in this way, you will extend its lifespan, maintain its splendour and enjoy it for years to come. A pool enclosure makes it easier to keep proper water quality and reduces the required water treatment chemicals, which in turn saves money and is good to your health. Moreover, if you choose to enclose your pool, you will lower the costs of water heating as you will get reduced temperature fluctuations of pool water overnight and, additionally, a reduction in evaporation loss.

Our enclosures can keep dirt, insects and falling leaves out of your pool, so they can rightly be called time-saving because they will lower the frequency of pool cleaning. And, of course, by enclosing your pool, you may extend your pool season and continue having fun on days when the weather is less than desirable.


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Our company presents a new aluminum system “TARASY”. The system consists of frame modules that allow our customers to simultaneously secure the pool and arrange a recreation area near the pool. The system consists of durable, high-quality aluminum profiles, which are protected by powder coating or anodizing. All connecting and fastening elements are made of stainless steel. At the top of the frame, after assembly, insert and fix the cellular polypropylene silicone protectors to prevent dust or water from entering the pool.

Due to the many variants and stylistic solutions, we offer our system in the form of a “modular frame system”. You can choose from different models of terraces that match our pool models. There are different types of terrace solutions – horizontally or vertically, separated in the middle or completely movable.

When you decide on a terrace model, you get a ready-to-install skeletal structure, which is a substructure for the terrace roofing of your choice. As a terrace cover, we recommend natural wood or WPC. To protect against dust and other types of dirt or debris, the slot is protected with a rubber seal or brush. It should be noted that the installation of this decking system is only suitable for pools that are at the same level as the surrounding ground level, i.e. the pool must be installed without overhang, i.e. not protruding above ground level. If not, a way must be found to raise the immediately surrounding floor level (pool area) so that handrails can be fitted to them so that they operate at the same level.