The best quality

at the best price

The quality of our products depends on numerous interrelated factors.

Nevertheless, it is mostly the premium class that is a common denominator for them all. Our components are delivered by a certified German company that is widely appreciated for its ability to meet maritime requirements, i.e. the strictest criteria for quality control. It gives us a guarantee of long-lasting durability and safety. To fit the definition of a reliable pool, each pool should be resistant to UV radiation, hydrolysis, chemicals, osmosis and atmospheric conditions. Bearing that in mind, we have developed our own DIAMOND HARD technology that improves the physical properties of our products not only at the construction stage but also at the final stage of adding the finishing touches to our products, which finally gain vivid and saturated colours as well as smooth and shiny surfaces. The right mix of our original technology and the best components available on the market lets us create a product characterised by the best protective features. It is not a mere coincidence that the name of our technology refers to the characteristics of a diamond as the product we get is outstandingly durable and has beautiful light-reflecting brightness and high resistance to abrasion and damage.

We give special attention to the prevention of osmosis by introducing a vinylester layer that is by far the most important one in securing the pool against osmosis. We use materials carefully designed by the most experienced technologists. Our vinylester layer is strengthened with a powder mat to let its particles assist the vinyl resin in creating a truly anti-osmotic shield.

Finally, our pools are also equipped with polyurethane foam insulation that provides additional security against moisture and external factors.
Our manufacturing technology enables us to market our pools as the premium quality products.